Participate in our research

Thank you for your interest in our research.
We are currently enrolling individuals from the ages of 18-85 years for research studies. There are several active studies that are currently enrolling, all involving methods such as computerized cognition testing, MRI scanning, and noninvasive brain stimulation.

Your time in a study could range from just a single visit to the laboratory to ongoing laboratory visits over the course of a couple of months, depending on your eligibility and interests. All individuals participating in our research receive hourly payment.

All of our research studies are performed in downtown Chicago at the Northwestern University medical school campus. Parking and/or public transportation costs are provided.

If you are interested in participating in one of our studies, we ask that you fill out the survey at the link below to determine your eligibility. Your answers will be treated confidentially and examined only by our research staff. Based on your answers, we will determine the type of study in which you are eligible to participate and will contact you with further details regarding those studies.

Please answer the following questions completely if you are interested in being contacted to participate in experiments:

Participation Survey